Teens Road Trip was established as a CoEd Zionist Orthodox Summer Camp. Teens Road Trip is a project born from 10 years of unparalleled teens overnight trips that took Camp Ariel to new heights. This trip will provide our campers with everything they could have ever dreamed of. 

Teens Road Trip is built on 

Three foundational pillars:


Intensive Trips and Activities: See our list of activities on our activities page 

Unparalleled Staff

 Our 7 night Road Trip uniquely focuses on this component of our program more than any other. This week is an amazing opportunity for our campers to experience an exhilarating trip and they certainly will. However, our firm belief is that at these formative years of our campers' lives, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure they are engaged and guided by our best role models.

Once in a lifetime program

Beyond the trips and activities, our teens have many opportunities to be engaged programmatically, whether it be on bus rides, at the resorts or during Shabbat. Our program has thought of and accounted for every moment and every possibility. We are committed beyond all doubt to ensuring that this Road Trip will surpass any and all expectations!.